You will not relinquish control over your accounts or patient relationships when partnering with Capio Partners.

Capio views its relationship with clients as a true partnership based on open communication and common business goals. Multiple account controls and safeguards are in place for every portfolio Capio is assigned:

  • Select provider buy-back rights
  • We will not exchange your portfolio to a third party
  • Individual “stop work” protocols on accounts designated for special attention
  • Recording of all inbound and outbound calls, making us a Complaintless Collections Model™
  • A culture of patient advocacy and education

Close monitoring and real-time mentoring of our account representatives are designed to maintain high-quality, low-stress interactions with your patients.

Our focus on patient advocacy and education keeps the patient experience positive. The partnership helps you manage your revenue cycle and maintains your excellent reputation in the community.

“Capio’s team is well-versed in the intricacies of assisting patients through education and managing healthcare accounts. Their collection methodology and specifically their Patient Advocacy Team work hard to protect our hospitals’ reputations and patient relationships. We are caregivers and everyone wins with our relationship that is compassionate, compliant and complaintless.”

Not-for-profit U.S. Health System

Next Steps

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