Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How prevalent is the sale of aged A/R among other healthcare providers?

A: The management of aged A/R continues to grow as a strategy among for-profit, not-for-profit, and faith-based hospitals as providers seek a profitable, compliant, and sensible solution to their revenue cycle challenges. During the last 5 years alone, Capio has managed patient portfolios for more than 300 individual hospitals, as well as ER physician groups and ambulance companies. These portfolios represent more than 19 million accounts with a face value of $17 billion.

Q: Are there restrictions on the portfolio size Capio will acquire?

A: Capio’s model is built for high volume engagements and economies of scale. In general, we look at $50 million in annual uncollectible receivables as a minimum threshold, though there are exceptions to this rule. A more useful gauge is gross revenue; hospitals or hospital systems generating at least $1 billion in gross revenue can benefit greatly from our program. Capio has no limit on how large a portfolio we can or will acquire.

Q: Can you provide me with references?

A: Yes. We’ve included several client endorsement comments on our site; however, we have not included organization’s names to ensure our clients’ privacy. If you would like full versions of these endorsements, please contact us at

Q: If I sell my accounts, what will be the impact on my patients and the community?

A: With the right partner, the impact of selling should be no different than the impact of using contingency third party agencies to recover delinquent accounts. In fact, many clients say this practice creates an expectation of payment within their patient bases and enhances collections. Capio recognizes the important role that hospitals, clinics, and physicians play in local communities, and conducts its business with the highest degree of professionalism and respect for patients and clients.

Q: What types of acquisition techniques do you utilize?

A: We use the same acquisition efforts practiced by traditional contingency third party agencies, and our clients think of Capio as a healthcare asset management agency that pays them upfront. We’d be happy to answer specific questions during our due diligence process. Careful due diligence helps us better understand an organization’s unique needs and ensures we tailor acquisition efforts to meet with a client’s expectations before formalizing a relationship.

Q: Will you resell my accounts?

A: We do not resell accounts and strongly recommend healthcare providers who are concerned about patient and community relations make a no-resale provision a non-negotiable part of their business agreement with any Partners.

Q: Where do the acquisitions take place?

A: The majority of our account servicing is handled in two in-house call centers located in Sherman, TX (outside of Dallas). We also use several specialty and benchmark agency partners, informing our clients of such outsourcing arrangements prior to placement. We want all outside partners to meet not only our standards—but our clients’ standards as well.

Q: What are my accounts worth?

A: Multiple factors contribute to portfolio valuations. Check out the Capio Blog for more detailed information.

Q: What information is needed to evaluate my accounts?

A: To start the valuation process, Capio needs three main pieces of information:

  1. Partner Survey
  2. Acquisition History
  3. Data File (of accounts to be sold)

One of our team members will be happy to walk you through this process. Capio will make an offer within two weeks of receiving this information.

Q: Where do I begin?

A: For a no-cost, no-obligation valuation of your late-stage patient accounts, simply email a Capio sales representative at or contact our executive office at 678-682-3680, extension 6004.