Why Capio?

For healthcare providers, maximizing revenue from self-pay responsibility has never been more critical. Under the Affordable Care Act, patients are, on average, responsible for no less than 40 percent of the cost of their care. Nearly 30 percent of Americans are enrolled in employer-provided high-deductible plans. Millions more have purchased individual plans with high deductibles to keep premium costs lower. And out-of-pocket expenses are expected to rise to $400 billion in 2016.

Providers are reporting that 75 percent are high deductible plans. And, that is $5,000 or more due from the patient.

Our goal is simple – zero complaints. Complaintless Collections™ means just that – we treat your patients with such care that they not only want to pay off their medical healthcare account, they want to return to your facilities when they need medical care. “Everybody wins.” Learn about our approach to patient advocacy.

Capio is the trusted partner to more than 300 hospitals and hospital systems because we understand healthcare providers and their patient’s needs. We are patient advocates and experts in managing aged healthcare accounts, Capio is the largest healthcare manager of patient account receivables in the United States.

Capio provides:

  • Compassion to your patients
  • Education to our providers and patients
  • Immediate bottom line impact
  • Federal and state compliance
  • Ongoing analysis and feedback
  • Full implementation and support
  • Experienced executive team
  • Seller buy-back rights

Hospitals and healthcare systems need both an early-stage revenue cycle strategy that promotes an opportunity to enhance their patient experience, improve their branding, and contribute to their financial health. As a true partner, Capio can advise you on any option you choose.

“Not only has Capio proven that they understand the importance that our patients hold to us, but they understand the value of building a true partnership with us. Capio has connected with us on a corporate level, but most importantly they maintain an exceptional working relationship with our 60 individual hospitals as well.”

Publicly Traded For-profit U.S. Health System

Next Steps

To learn more or for a no-cost, no-obligation valuation of your late-stage patient accounts, contact Capio today.