Patient Advocacy

Healthcare account receivables is unlike other type of industry receivables since it is typically unintended.

Medical bills are confusing. There can be multiple payment sources as well as numerous bills for even a one-night hospital stay, from lab services to room charges, the hospital pharmacy, plus any doctor, surgeon or anesthesiologist involved in providing treatment and care.

The first step in recovering healthcare accounts is patient education and compasssion. Our Patient Advocacy Unit works with your patients to help them understand their hospital charges with dignity and the utmost respect.

Capio understands the importance of treating a hospital’s patients as guests. Our account representatives are fully trained in FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA and HIPAA and strive to treat patients with the utmost respect and dignity they deserve.

Our Approach

We believe so strongly in our approach and philosophy of Complaintless Collections™ that we trademarked the phrase. Unparalleled patient advocacy is what separates Capio from its competitors.

Capio’s Complaintless Collections™ approach runs through every aspect of what we do. We screen and test job applicants for key behaviors, train them to approach your patients with kindness, and monitor them to ensure they build goodwill. The goal is zero complaints, and our financial incentive program rewards account representatives who maintain clean track records. Some of the fundamentals of our approach include:

Capio Partners
CUSTOMER COMMUNICATIONS Dignity and respect in all patient interactions
EDUCATION Tailored exclusively to the healthcare industry
Patient-centered culture
Rigorous testing for FDCPA & HIPAA compliance
Voice recognition technology
COMPLIANCE OFFICER Legally compliant with state and federal rules and guidelines
EMPLOYEE INCENTIVES Employees are compensated for customer service excellence

Our systems are designed to treat your patients with the same level of dignity, care, and respect they receive when being seen by a physician or staff member at your hospital or clinic.

Balancing the financial aspects of managing healthcare account receivables with maintaining patient goodwill and positive community relations is where Capio shines.

Next Steps

To learn more or for a no-cost, no-obligation valuation of your late-stage patient accounts, contact Capio today.

“I would like you all to know how much I appreciate your kindness when you call. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and will have a New Year filled with peace and love.”

“Although I am not able at this time to pay the full balance of my account, please accept this payment towards the balance owed. I also would like to thank your representative Doris for being respectful and polite during our phone conversation. Mrs. Doris is the only person who has contacted us concerning the account and treated us with respect. Just the conversation with Mrs. Doris made us want to do everything in our power to settle this account.”

“Steve sure is a super friendly person – you don’t usually find such nice and pleasant people educating patients about their hospital stay. Anyhow, thanks again to him.”