Complaintless Collections™ Philosophy

The business of managing aged healthcare accounts is understandably one that can sometimes be wrought with questions. Thus, Capio recognized the importance of implementing a system to balance the financial aspects of collections with the need to maintain patient goodwill and positive community relations. Hence the birth of Capio’s Complaintless Collections™ philosophy. From our patient advocacy department to incentives for maintaining zero complaints, everything Capio does has been designed to treat your patients with the same level of dignity, care, and respect they receive when being seen by a physician or staff member at your hospital or clinic. Some of these fundamental features include:

Capio Partners
CUSTOMER COMMUNICATIONS Dignity and respect in all patient interactions
EDUCATION Tailored exclusively to the healthcare industry
Patient-centered culture
Rigorous testing for FDCPA & HIPAA compliance
Voice recognition technology
COMPLIANCE OFFICER Legally compliant with state and federal rules and guidelines
EMPLOYEE INCENTIVES Employees are compensated for customer service excellence