Healthcare providers praise Capio’s approach to healthcare account receivables for improving cash flow and treating patients with dignity and respect. Patients say our representatives are kind, compassionate and caring – and credit them for creating a relationship that makes them want to settle their unpaid medical bills.

Client Testimonials

“Capio’s team is well-versed in the intricacies of assisting patients through education and managing healthcare accounts. Their collection methodology and specifically their Patient Advocacy Team work hard to protect our hospitals’ reputations and patient relationships. We are caregivers and everyone wins with our relationship that is compassionate, compliant and complaintless.”

Not-for-profit U.S. Health System

“For more than two years we have been working together, and Capio Partners has added millions of dollars to our bottom line. More importantly, they have proven themselves as true partners.” “By adding Capio Partners as the final step in our revenue cycle, it has helped educate and train our patients to pay, decreasing our overall Healthcare accounts.”

Multi-hospital, Multi-state Not-for-profit U.S. Health System

“Not only has Capio proven that they understand the importance that our patients hold to us, but they understand the value of building a true partnership with us. Capio has connected with us on a corporate level, but most importantly they maintain an exceptional working relationship with our 60 individual hospitals as well.”

Publicly Traded For-profit U.S. Health System

“Due to our System’s size and presence in the community, customer service and management of those accounts was our biggest concern. We require that all our vendor partners represent us in the most dignified and professional manner when dealing with our patients. Over the years, Capio has continued to manage this book of business reflecting our Mission Statement. They are professional and understand the importance of building and maintaining positive relationships.”

Major Southwest U.S. Not-for-profit Health System


“I would like you all to know how much I appreciate your kindness when you call. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and will have a New Year filled with peace and love..”

“Although I am not able at this time to pay the full balance of my account, please accept this payment towards the balance owed. I also would like to thank your representative Doris for being respectful and polite during our phone conversation. Mrs. Doris is the only person who has contacted us concerning the account and treated us with respect. Just the conversation with Mrs. Doris made us want to do everything in our power to settle this account.”

“Steve sure is a super friendly person – you don’t usually find such nice and pleasant people educating patients about their hospital stay. Anyhow, thanks again to him.”

“Thank you for being a decent firm. Your letter was not mean and hateful, your southern belle on the phone was professional and respectful, and your offer helped. Thank you for remembering the values that have been taught in the south for generations.”

“I never thought I would say that it was a good experience working with a collection agency, but I must say you are a great company. You didn’t humiliate me and treated me with respect to help resolve this account. Thanks.”

“I was very pleased with the communication that occurred between myself and your representative. She was extremely friendly and professional. This is often times rare with collection agencies. Thank you for your professionalism and patience. I appreciate the service.”

“I want to commend BW for his hard work and patience. He was very professional and an effective communicator.”

“Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.”

“Thank you for your help during this hard time. You were a real pleasure to work with.”

“I had the unfortunate experience of having an item come up on my credit report within the last week that I was unfamiliar with. I found out this information early Saturday and promptly contacted your firm. Everyone was polite and courteous, and seemed genuinely interested in helping me. I do not know if Bree is the supervisor for all three, but would like to mention her too, as she was just as polite and helpful. Big shout out to the bookkeeper for getting those faxes out to me!!!! Thank you again.”

“In difficult times such as these, many people find themselves in financial circumstances. Rare is the person with who one is forced to speak with particularly understanding or kind and almost never helpful. That is why when such a rare person exists one feels compelled to inform their company and let them know of the treasure they are employing. I say this because you have such a person in your employ.  Her name is Tanika…she treated me with courtesy and respect and did not ever in our conversation make me feel like I was a person of no worth. In fact she treated me as just the opposite and it is for this treatment I am writing you this letter.”

“I have to say that the man I talked to over the phone was very nice and helpful. This is the main reason I will be sending my payment every month.”